Summer Foods: Sweet Potato with Roasted Grapes and Brie

This is my version.
I knew that once I came home my eating habits would improve drastically.  I would be able to go to the grocery store and buy FRESH fruits and vegetables.  If I did not like what was in my fridge, I could go buy something instead of being stuck with John Jay pizza again.  I am ever so glad that I will never be on the full meal plan again.  Don't get me wrong, the food is actually pretty amazing at Columbia compared to other schools, but if you're forced to eat anywhere for an entire get pretty sick of the food.  

Since I've been home I've made some amazing meals.  Sweet potatoes with roasted grapes and brie, an herbed quinoa salad, blueberry pancakes, numerous delicious salads, and grilled asparagus.  There is something about summer that just makes you want to eat all of the fresh foods in the world, and with the time I have on my hands currently, all I want to do is cook!

The best thing I have made so far is the sweet potato dish.  I pretty much just followed these directions, but used canola oil to roast the grapes instead.  HOLY COW, roasted grapes are good!  There isn't an exact science to them, just stick them in the oven.  But be sure to let the pan soak before you try to wash it, because the grapes pop like cranberries.  The recipe calls for goat cheese, but I couldn't find any that wasn't oddly flavored, so I used brie.  It worked just as well in my opinion, except that goat cheese probably mixes better with the potato.  

Here is the recipe and enjoy!


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