Nebraska Love

I've never had the chance before this weekend to show someone around Nebraska.  I go to school where people think I live on a farm, despite all of my objections, and don't believe that there is actually good local businesses.  But this last weekend my friend Chayenne sucked it up and came to visit me.  I've never loved Nebraska more than I did this past weekend.  

We went to Yia Yia's, took a dance class at my home studio, went to the farmers market, had burritos at D'Leons and lunch at Sher-E-Punjab, she visited the capitol building and the sunken gardens with ice cream from Ivanna Cone, we read buzzfeed at The Mill, spent a night tent camping at the lake despite the thunderstorms, and we saw Shakespeare in the park.  To me, all of those things spell Nebraska.  The Nebraska I love is full of beautiful skies and hours spent out under the sun.  The Nebraska I love is filled with quirky local businesses that really serve quality foods.  My Nebraska is filled with good friends who just love to spend time together.

Showing Chayenne everything I love about where I grew up made me realize how special this place is. Yeah, it's in the middle of the midwest and lacks the diversity or the prestige of New York...but there is definitely something very special about this place that New York will never match.  


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