Finding Things to Write About

It's hard to write about life when you aren't living life to write about.

Last year I made a point to go out to shows and get off campus at least once a week.  It was what kept me sane, and kept me motivated to be in the city.

This year it's harder.  My friends are all taking more classes with more work.  It's hard to find people to go do things with, and It's hard to motivate myself to go alone.  I'm also trying to be morea ware of my spending, and tickets aren't cheap.

But these are only excuses.  When I think about it, I want to go into the arts field, and that requires me becoming familiar with as much work as I possibly can.  I need to go see shows, and I need to focus on learning as much about the New York arts scene as I can.  To do so is not to waste my time or take time away from homework-- it is imperative for my career choices.

Plus if I get out more, then I have more to write about on here.  I love having this blog and I don't want it to fall behind just because I have a psych midterm coming up that takes precedence.


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