Meandering Through The (Nearly) Frozen City

I have some very weird habits, I'll admit it.  One of those habits is my penchant for choosing to try to walk home every time I find myself outside of morningside heights.  Emphasis on try.

Saturday was an interesting day, that seemed to have three distinct emotional segments to it.  I got some work done in the morning, but felt rather blah throughout the day despite my productivity.  The day only got stranger as the afternoon progressed into cooking a rather extravagant meal with my suitemates.  Cooking together and eating a meal together made it feel like the holidays really are upon us; the holiday season always puts me in a surreal mood.  Finally, I left the warmth of the suite to trek off by bus to the Upper East Side to see a friend of a friend perform in a dance showcase, being surrounded by strangers and putting on real pants for the first time that day.  I may have left the nostalgic environment of the suite, but the holiday stayed strong as it began to snow while I was waiting on the bus.  If you ask me, there is nothing more beautiful than falling snow in New York.  Especially because it doesn't stick and you don't have to drive on it.

But here is where my strange habit comes into play.  I parted ways with my friend and hopped on the M66 to get back onto the west side.  I was about to make use of my free transfer to take another bus when I saw it pulling away.  There definitely was the option to take the subway back uptown, but for some reason I decided to walk.  For the first half of the walk I called up Justin and we had our nightly conversation.  He was a little confused as to why I was in such a good mood, especially since I was so cold.  But that's what walking around this city does to me, especially in the picturesque Upper West Side.  Once we got off the phone I continued to walk a ways, glad to be able to put my bare hand in my pocket and glad to have time to walk and contemplate life.  

I don't know what it is, but there is something magical in being able to walk alone on this crowded island.  You walk past groups of people and hear snippets of their conversations, discussing the opera they just saw you contemplated buying a ticket to.  You look into restaurant windows around closing time and see whom the stragglers are, still enjoying the bottle of wine bought at the beginning of dinner while never wanting their conversations to end.  You keep to yourself, breathe in the cold air and relish in the fact that you're alive and fully embrace the cold you feel in your whole body.  You walk until your chin is numb and then take a taxi the last twenty blocks home.


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