Memoirs of the Hurricane

Tree trunk found in the park
I wasn't aware of how magical fall break was last year.  

Over the past few weeks, I've found myself having conversations with many different people about how badly we all needed fall break.  We were all worn out, exhausted, burnt out from writing, and starting to slack off in our classes.  This was new for us this year, but why?  That's when I remembered what happened last year.

I still feel guilty as to my memories of Hurricane Sandy.  The worst thing that happened to me was having to walk outside during a hurricane to go to the dining hall.  We lost power for just a few milliseconds, but that was it.  The entire time, we were all grateful to not have class for those two days, and to have some extra time to write papers and such.  Meanwhile there were people who died during the storm, and numerous people lost their lives.  Last semester my life was, in a way, made less stressful by the hurricane while it ruined the lives of many others.

I really did need this fall break, and it's so true that life was getting unbearably stressful.  But life is just like that sometimes.  To be honest, the stress we feel from paper deadlines and midterms isn't really all that bad, in comparison to what it could be.


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