The Final Haul

This post is unabashedly a procrastination technique.  There are a mere three weeks until I will be home, snug on the couch with my dog at my feet, coffee in hand, and hanging with my father.  Justin will most likely be a part of the image as well (since I have a feeling we will be inseparable over Christmas break).

But until then, there is the last stretch of the marathon.  Just a few papers left, one more midterm, and a bunch of reading I'd rather not do.  I want to be out ice-skating, or at MoMA, or doing absolutely anything else rather than doing work.  But that's how marathons go, right?  It's all fine and dandy, but that last little stretch is the hardest because you're so close you just feel like it's not as necessary to push.  I wouldn't know...the most I've ever run is five miles.  But that's how school seems to work.

But now isn't the time to just give up because we are so close to home and dogs and presents and comfort foods.  These are the most important three weeks, where people stop running, slow down, keep on chuggin' along, or speed up.  It's hard to go the same pace the whole race, and slowing down isn't an option.  So it seems like I'm going to speed up.

Good luck to everyone out there who is running these last three miles/weeks to Christmas.  Take Thanksgiving being last as a rest stop before the final stretch.  Whether it's work or school or what, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so why not put in everything you've got til then?

Christmas has never sounded so good.


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