You Okay?

As I was walking back from class today, I was thinking about all of the things I have to get done in the next 12-14 days before finals are over.  I was trying to see how I could fit everything in and not go totally crazy.  I was feeling slightly overwhelmed, and must have looked it, because the man who always stands on the street corner next to my building (I hesitate to hall him homeless but he certainly asks for money) asked me "You okay?"

That struck me.  

I see this man every day, and ignore him every time.  Granted I've walked by him while he was yelling about carrying a gun because there is no more stop and frisk, but he is a person.  And while I haven't seemed to care about him, he cared enough to ask me, out of a crowd of people, if I was doing okay.  

And you know what?  Thanks to that man, who I've seen every day for the past 3+ months and yet don't know his name, thanks to him I am.  

I smiled to him and said, "yeah, I am, thanks" and continued on my way.  

And just like that I really am doing okay.  


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