A New Kind of Family

There is something about New York that changes how we relate to each other, and it can be chalked up to college alone.

We're trapped, 8 million of us, on this tiny island.  Most of us are transplants.  We travel around in little holes underground surrounded by thousands and acknowledged by none.  In the winter the cold wind and the rain beat down your spirits.  In the summer the lack of air conditioning and the stench of garbage are daily assaults.  Most of us live far from our families, and the cost of living here makes traveling home a difficult task.  So what do we do?

We form a new kind of family.  Friends become the greatest support system we could ever ask for.  A roommate becomes a sister with whom you religiously watch New Girl every week.  Saturday brunches becomes the new Sunday dinners.  When tragedy strikes, sure you'll call home, but at the end of the day you know you have your friends in the city for support.

I know my friends are all going to make fun of me for writing this post, but that's part of what makes this statement true.  The people I've met the past year and a half are the reason I've loved living in New York.  They keep me humble and keep me entertained and I love them all.  And this is as sentimental as I'll ever get about it.

But speaking of family, whether biological or simply through years of shared experiences, I am overwhelmed by all of the thoughts poured out yesterday.  It truly became a day about celebrating a life lived rather than a life lost.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their kind words, they meant the world.


  1. I too am a transplant, having moved from New Jersey to Maine 3 years ago. I miss home but as you said, "Friends become the greatest support system we could ever ask for." Love the blog!


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I'm Madysen, born and raised in Nebraska but now living out my dreams in New York City. I moved here to go to Columbia, but living in New York has become so much more to me. This blog is a space where I can share my experiences of reconciling my midwestern upbringing with the life I live in the city. But even bigger than that, this blog serves as a space where I can try to understand where I fit into the larger social world, where I want to go in life, and how I want to go about pursuing all of these endeavors.

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