Food Explorations: Doughnuts

I'll admit that doughnuts are in my top five favorite foods of all time.  I have a serious sweet tooth problem, but I embrace it.  Much to my benefit, New York City has plenty of doughnut shops and bakeries that are renowned for their fried and sugary confections.  But, like I've said before, it's hard to get out of the bubble.

So I'm going to start a series on here devoted to trying out new restaurants for my favorite foods.  It's so simple to get stuck in a rut, but what fun is that anyways?

So first in my doughnut explorations is my regular donut shop, Donut Plant.  I discovered this store in Chelsea a little less than a year ago, and have loved it ever since.  I make it a point to stop there whenever I'm in the neighborhood, and I've yet to be disappointed.  They have some great cake doughnuts, but I have to say that the filled yeast doughnuts take the cake.  Their doughseeds are also something special.  Essentially they're meant to be doughnut holes, but they are filled with potently flavored fillings.  The creme brulee doughseed is a classic, but I prefer their fruitier flavors.

But this is just my go-to spot for doughnuts.  I have an entire bookmarks folder of other places to try, some of which even require me to leave Manhattan!  But that was one of the reasons I had for moving to New here's to an attempt at bursting the bubble even more!


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