Making the Most of My Time

There isn't any other time in life when you can run around your favorite city with friends, discussing the great work of literature you read for class, and not caring at all how much sleep you'll lose because of your adventures.

I could be sitting in the library all day long (except when in class of course), get my work done, and get to sleep at a sensible hour.

Or I could run to classes, get work done at the last minute, making a run to Trader Joe's, have a nice lunch with friends, almost be late to my evening class, and then go downtown at 8 pm to meet someone new on a monday night.

Which do you think I plan on doing today?

I'm learning slowly but surely that I can embrace my education without letting it consume my life.  That I can learn just as much by being present in classes and having quintessential experiences of a twenty-something as I do if I spend all day with my nose in a book.

I could spend my weekend reading 150 pages of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, but I won't understand a single word.  Or I could see four different shows this weekend and spend much needed nights with the company of dear friends and not even break the spine of the book.  My professor takes more of a lecturing approach, and I honestly can't understand what Smith is saying when I have to plow through the text at lightning speeds just to finish the reading by class.

So today, I'm not going to set foot in a library, I'm going to show up to class without reading the texts, and I'm going to meet someone new downtown late on a school night.

And I'm not going to regret a thing.  That is my new years resolution after all.


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