Hitting the Trails

In January I decided I needed to go hiking again, to make some new memories, and to get out of the city with friends.  I wanted to share my more nature-y side with people who have only seen me in the context of this concrete jungle.

I picked out a place in January that would be a difficult hike but not impossible.  I got my friends to agree to going before even setting a date, and we decided that late April would probably be warm enough for a day outdoors.  And yesterday was the day.

It ended up basically being a suite outing.  We've been spending less time together this semester than last, and I have to admit it was nice to just all go out together.  I can't pinpoint exactly when it happened, but at some point we became a family.  We all chipped in to get food and water for each other, we joked around, picked on each other, pretended to push each other into giant wells of disgusting water, and our morale never sank too low as long as there were random rocks to climb.  But the best aspect of the day had to have been the fact that no one was concerned about the work we were missing.  We could not bring our laptops with us.  There wasn't really any time to read for CC.  And once we had gotten outside the city and started the trek up the mountain, we all knew that we were in for the long haul.  We were going to be there as long as it took us to get back.  At Columbia we are all always so preoccupied with getting back to get work done, it makes activities hard to enjoy.  But this trip was different.  We all let go of the world outside of that tiny town of Cold Springs.  I can't remember being so happy in a long time.

We took the metro north train up the river.  Photo credit to Leigh West

After a long and grueling climb, we reached the unmarked summit.  The breeze mixed with the fact that the manhattan skyline was visible and our level of exhaustion made this the best view I've ever seen.
Along the route we took there were farm ruins that were pretty fun to explore.
The buildings felt as if they would crumble at any moment.
And were made creepier by the fact that the trees had yet to leaf out.
We also stumbled upon a trickle which we followed as it grew into a brook and into a creek and eventually joined with the Hudson.  The water was so clear and fresh and useful as we had not brought enough water of our own.  It was also good fun to climb around on the rocks.
We then trudged back to town in search of bathrooms and food, and ended the day eating Chinese food freezing next to the Hudson river.

Photo Credit: me using Leigh's phone
It was basically one of the best days I can remember having.  I'm so glad that Leigh came along too.  She's off to South Africa and Antarctica from June through January.  I don't even want to think about how much I'm going to miss her.  But let's focus on the memories we are making together now instead of those that could be missed out on!


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