Selfies and I have a strange relationship.  I'm really good at taking them, I've taken a lot, but I've also got a lot of flack.  Personally I don't see why selfies are universally hated, but I'm going to give into peer pressure on this one and never take another.

People hate selfies because they're conceited.  I mean, they are literally just photos someone takes of themselves so other people can stare at them on social media.  Some say they're a call for help, some say they're for those with personality disorders.

But for me, well I'm the only one of my friends who takes any photos!  I just want pictures of me out there, but no one ever takes the picture unless I force them to.  That's my reason for selfies.

But nevertheless, unless it's for a REALLY good reason, I've given up the selfie.


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