A New Resolution For Spring

There are some habits that satisfy hedonic needs, and then there are habits that make you really feel good- that give you energy and a brighter outlook on life.  For me, my habits directly correlate with the seasons.

In the winter, I need to eat sugary carbs, lay in bed, and watch Netflix nonstop.  I need to make myself feel like the cold and snow is not so bad after all.

But in the spring, all I want is that abundance of energy and life that comes from treating my body and mind well.  I want to eat fresh vegetables grown locally.  I want to switch from coffee to tea (especially because the caffeine does not effect me at all ).  I want to read books in the sun and put my mind to work again.  I want to go for never-ending walks through the park, having left my phone at home.  I want to know that my body is working at the highest efficiency possible. I want to know that my mind is not being wasted in front of a screen.  I want to feel like I'm doing something with my life again.

So that all begins today.  I have not had coffee in a week.  I'm going to the greenmarket to pick up some veggies.  I have a salad for dinner (to cancel out my breakfast of cookies).  I plan on reading, and writing, and maybe even a little studying!

But here's to a spring resolution.  Here's to getting out more often, making choices that feel good, and being happy.  This new resolution goes perfectly with the one I created at the start of this year:  To stop regretting my words and actions.  Because while I shouldn't regret the burger I ate for dinner last night, maybe I shouldn't have made that regret-inducing choice in the first place.


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