Ruminating on Friendships

The conception of friendships is a very interesting thought for me.  Until I came to college, I honestly could not remember how I made friends.  I was lucky enough to have had the same great group of friends since elementary school.  And then I moved to New York, all alone, and I needed to find a support system and PRONTO.

Most of the people I call my best friends here were those with whom I lived my freshman year.  We lived on the same floor, hung out together, went to concerts in groups, and ate all of our dining hall meals together.  They were easy to find, though just because they were readily available does not mean that they are not genuine friends.  I would love them all just as much had I not had them handed to me so easily.

But even within situations where friends are set forth for you, I see two clear ways that friendships are made:  with a quick decision or gradually over time.

I remember the moment that Cindy and I became real friends.  There were technically two:  when we impromptu tried a free yoga class together, and when I bared my soul to her after a meditation class.  She and I are nearly polar opposites, but we work well together as friends.  But even still, we chose to be friends; to room together for the foreseeable future and to spend time watching bad movies together.

But then there are friendships that sneak up on you.  Leigh and I have been in Swahili together since the second day of classes freshman year.  That year we would occasionally do our homework together, but we never really hung out outside of the Swahili context.  Yet somehow this year she became one of my best friends. I can't pinpoint a moment, but all of a sudden she was one of the people who knew me as well as my lifelong friends.

I'm still having trouble getting writing out there lately.  And I think that is evident in this post, in that I have no idea what the point should be.  But, it is an interesting thought:  how do we grow to love those closest to us?


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