Then Reality Hits

Overseen in Central Park at the beginning of reading week.
Usually, when reality smacks you across the face it's a bad thing.  But not this time.  I finished my last final of sophomore year yesterday.  Today was my last day interning in development at The Joyce.  My roommate just got on the bus to fly to Miami, and I checked out of my dorm.

While everything seems to be coming to a close around me, this does not even remotely feel like an end.  More than an end, it's a beginning to what I expect to be the best time of my life thus far.   I have an amazing apartment to live in, starting next wednesday, I have a ridiculously amazing job as an office assistant at a fancy jewelry company in midtown, I'm interning at one of my favorite dance companies for the summer, and most of my friends are staying in the city this summer.  I can't believe how lucky I am.  I get to spend my summer doing what I always dreamed of doing- living and working in New York City.  And then I get to spend my evenings and weekends with people I adore.

Sometimes when reality hits, it knocks you on your ass.  But sometimes reality makes up for its brutality.  I may have been given some difficult cards to deal with in life, but I definitely have been given some of the best cards as well.  Today I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

A surprise sunset on campus from last week.

When I walked out of DANY studios today, it wasn't sadness that hit me but reality.  I realized that I've finally done it.  I'm doing what I love, in a city that I love, surrounded by people I love.  But this isn't a sign to stop working hard, but instead it's a sign that I can now set even loftier goals.

But today, I'm just going to take a moment to breathe and enjoy.


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