Sunny Days: A Weekend in Photos

This weekend I felt like I spent every moment possible outside in the sunshine.  I spend so much of my week indoors without windows, that it was definitely a good change of pace.

But even though my weekend was full of laying with the sun beating down on me, I still don't feel like I fully got a chance to relax.  Last Friday was the showing for the Keigwin + Company intensive, and boy did running around, selling merchandise, and making sure everything was cleaned up take it out of me physically as well as socially!  I still don't feel completely rested after this weekend, but hopefully a few days working from home this week will help!

Saturday morning we walked around Union Square, through the farmer's market until we settled into a coffee shop for a few hours.
I agree wholeheartedly with the passive aggression at Strand.  Though, with my commute I must admit an e-reader is getting tempting...
Gotta love the L train
Salted caramel and pecan donut from Dunwell Donuts
A delicious brisket sandwich from Smorgasburg!
Another Smorgasburg treat- brown butter salted caramel ice cream sandwich.  
Then we saw Thee Oh Sees play a free concert in McCarren Park and enjoyed all the sunshine!
But clearly we got a little wacky from exhaustion.
I finally went to the grocery store and treated myself to delicious cooked veggies and an egg cooked the best way possible!
Sunday was spent reading in Central Park with Cindy and this little friend.
But it was toasty outside and we got got sunburns
But the trees looked so was an amazing day, and a great sun-filled weekend.  


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