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Something else I need to do:  make sure I don't forget Swahili
I have really become enamored with the idea of taking my writing somewhere.  I have all of these ideas for potential books and blog posts and essays...I just want to get them out of my head!

But writing is difficult.  I know that my professors don't think my tone is academic enough, but the writing I want to do will never be submitted to an anthropology journal.  As for creative writing, I don't know exactly where I fit on the fiction/non-fiction spectrum.  Plus there are not too many writing workshops at Columbia.

So how do I go about improving my writing?

After reading as much advice as I can possibly soak up on the topic the answer is crystal clear: to write as much as possible.

So here's my newest in a line of life-long resolutions (because a year is too short sighted when making a major change for me):  I'm going to take a scene from every day and write about it in as much detail as possible.  Yesterday's scene was my evening shower.  Today, the struggles of cutting my thumb.

They aren't special moments, or really even moments worth noting.  They may simply sit in my computer for the rest of time.  Or they may show up in a book down the line or inspire a new blog post.

But the important thing is making myself write.  That daily bit of writing sparks my creativity and opens the gates for a whole slew of new ideas for new writing pieces.

Plus, as an introvert, it's in writing that I find my solace.


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