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There are a lot of good apps out there.  There are a lot of popular apps.  There are also many apps that will just sit on your phone and never get used.  And then there are the apps that you may never hear about.  Because, in my opinion, unless you're actively seeking out new additions to you phone screen, apps can be difficult to find.

Therefore, here is a list of some of my absolute favorite applications, that I *actually* use:

This app is honestly just another read-it-later app.  But it's the best and simplest to use of the sort.  It has a Google Chrome plugin and works through Flipbook and Twitter as well, making it the easiest way to save articles that you want to read.  You can add tags, but I just use it as a big long list.  And the best part?  You can archive the articles you've read in order to be able to access them later.  Oh and as long as you give it an open to sync, it works offline and in airplane mode as well– perfect for subway rides!
Works on all platforms that I know of.

Sky Scanner:
As a college student, I have a lot of acquantances around the world who would allow me to crash on their couch for a few days.  However, I hate spending the hours necessary to type in various dates and locations in to the various airline websites.  But sky scanner eliminates that problem.  You are only required to enter the location from where you're leaving and either the dates or the location.  Other than that, it searches every airline to produce the cheapest flight prices.  Want a trip the last weekend in novemeber, but don't really care where you'll end up?  Sky scanner can find the cheapest.  Want to visit your friend in California but don't know when the cheapest flights would be?  Sky scanner can do that too!
Mobile app and can always be found

I guess you could say that this is a more indie version of spotify.  I haven't ever used spotify mobile, but I love that with rdio's subscription, you can choose to sync only certain albums/songs/artists to your phone to listen offline.  I guess there may not necessarily be an advantage over spotify, but it's a much cleaner and less busy design, which I appreciate. and mobile app.

E recommended this app to me when I expressed a want to write more.  I don't have the mobile or iPad app, but I love it for my laptop.  It's the application I've been writing everything in for the last few weeks!  It doesn't allow any formatting, but has a very simple and clean design so that you focus on the words and ideas rather than the look, just yet.  It can essentially turn your computer in a giant notebook, and eliminates all of the distractions my computer is usuall rife with.
Find it in the app store!

I'm signed up for a large amount of lit classes this next semester, and I've also pledged to continue reading for fun even once classes have begun.  Therefore, I needed to find a way to read faster.  Enter acceleread.  It's an app that essentially trains you to speed read, and I've found that it honestly works!
Free for trial, but a few bucks for the whole thing.  Mobile app!


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