Devouring Life

Since E is gone for a few weeks, I decided that now would be there perfect time to work on establishing some healthier habits.  Having spend six years of my life dancing 20 hours a week, I got used to a diet of hummus, saltines, coffee, and pure sugar.  I was either vegan or vegetarian, and did not  put in the necessary effort to care for my body.  I didn't have to; my metabolism was stellar, I was active, and young.  

I'm not feeling the effects of age yet, as I'm still only 20.  But when I have a pint of Ben and Jerry's for dinner, I feel more gross than satisfied.  And yet I kept on doing it.  What can I say, old habits die hard, especially when you're actually addicted to sugar.  

But I want to fix all of this.  I don't want my donut cravings to be too tempting to E's own health progress.  Plus, I want to feel strong, and energized, and not so nauseated all of the time.  So, having a lot of alone time where I'm in control of my life entirely, I figured I should try to get this addiction in check.  

I recently posted about the apps I love, but there are some fitness apps that have really been helping me this week.  

It's a well known fact that I don't drink nearly enough water.  Or at least I didn't until I downloaded Waterlogged.  It's honestly just an app that lets you log the water you've drank that day.  Nothing fancy.  But I am a sucker for seeing my own progress and have been drinking anywhere from 60-100oz of water a day.  

Then there's the classic My Fitness Pal.  I mainly use this to keep calories in mind.  I'm not really trying to lose weight through this all, but I also know that I vastly underestimate the amount of calories in, say, my breakfast of hummus and crackers.  It's nice to keep everything in perspective.  And it makes me feel better about eating massive quantities of veggies.  And makes me aware of how little protein I tend to eat...

And, per E's suggestion, I have fallen in love with Gorilla.  It's a strengthening app that gives you a workout for every day.  It tells you how many in each set and how many reps you should do.  It makes sure you give muscles their necessary break and also push through, since there's a concrete end goal in mind.  It's a nice way to start each day for me, and I love the feeling of being sore from working my body.  

I'm not in this to lose weight, but to live a healthier and happier life.  Plus I've spent years cultivating the incredible abs I have today, and I just want them to be more visible.  If we're being honest.  

But I've never felt so good- drinking more water, eating fewer pastries and more veggies/protein, and working out.  Add that to writing more, reading 400 pages of a book in a single day, and catching up with old friends and I'd say I'm definitely devouring life right about now. 


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