The Lonely Chronicles: A Lonely Two Weeks

red snapper, asparagus, fresh tomatoes, and arugula anyone?

I've been lucky that the lonely chronicles has not come up again since I saw First Aid Kit in June.  E's been wonderful, and my weeks and weekends in July have been spent seeing concerts, cooking dinners, and galavanting around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

But yesterday as I helped him pack his bags for his two-week vacation, it hit me:  nearly all of my very close friends are home for the month before classes start, and now he is gone too.  It's hard not feel all alone when you shut yourself in your room for the night and just think about how you have no one to talk to.

However, as I said in my original lonely chronicles post, being alone doesn't mean you're lonely.  While I'm certainly looking forward to E's return, my dad's visit, and the start of classes bringing all my wonderful friends back to the city, I'm finding good in the next ten days.

Starting with tonight.  You know what I've never done in my 20 years of existence?  Seen a movie by myself.  So tonight I'm going to grab some candy and popcorn and go see Obvious Child.  I've wanted to see it for a while, and here's my chance.

Truth be told, I don't think it'll be all that lonely.


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