Keep Thinking, Start Doing

Three weeks into school and I finally have a moment to breathe; to sit down and write a little something for my own sanity.

This semester is off to a flying start, and I feel like I'm off flying with it.

Three weeks ago the plan was to graduate a semester early and get to work!  I was going to take 23 credits this semester and 20 each subsequent.  I was going to take multiple languages as once, work an 11 hour/week internship, and still somehow maintain friendships and a relationship.

That ended quickly.

I rediscovered my love of learning.  I realized two weeks was enough to get French back into my noggin.  I understood that I wanted to get something out of my classes, and to do so I needed to slow down.  I needed to enjoy.

And that's just what I'm doing.

I'm reading the foundational texts of American literature (currently slogging through Benny Franklin's autobiography thank you very much).  I'm getting a chance to touch on all of the major works in the field of comic books.  At 8:50am every morning Я говорю по-русски (I speak Russian).  I still get my ballet vitamins in, and I get to see dance in the city for a class!

Weekends are spent perfecting healthy recipes and getting work done next to one of the greatest humans I know, and getting to sleep on a real mattress is a plus

I spend 11 hours a week working with an amazing team of seven at Danspace Project, getting ever more involved in the world of dance and loving every minute of it.  I know I'm going into the perfect career.

And then there's this blog.  This space of mine that's been around for a while now.  It's a veritable time capsule of my college experience, and it's served a variety of roles for me throughout.  I won't let it get lost in the shuffle.

But it's hard to sit down and reflect when life has become all about the doing, rather than the thinking.  There's nothing wrong with an increase in confidence in actions, but reflection may be equally as important.

As I continue to settle into this new rhythm, this space will come alive once again.


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