A Personal Challenge

I gave myself a test this Thanksgiving.   I spent the holiday in Ohio, meeting all of E's friends and family, and I wanted to make a good impression.  I told myself that I was going to show my true self– to really open up and not be afraid to be myself.  Because that's one of my favorite things about being with E...I really feel like I can be full on crazy Madysen around him at all times.  And I wanted to show all his friends and family that side of me as well.

I've always struggled with opening up to people.  I close myself off to protect my emotions and to stay in control of the situation.  But what I want more than anything else is for people to know me at that deeper level.  That's been one of the blessing of having this blog– the freedom to really express myself as the person I really am.

But this Thanksgiving, I feel like I really rose to my own challenge.  I told people that my mom had passed away, I let my creepy side show, I was silly, and genuine in every interaction.  I felt so at ease and so happy in those moments.

But this just goes back to my previous post.  Because you can't be at ease or allow others to really know you unless you have decided that you're a human who is worth knowing.

That's what I'm really learning about myself lately.  I really am a worthwhile person to know, and I want people to see that as well.

I gave myself my biggest challenge yet, but also the most important task for the holiday weekend. Honestly, I surprised myself by how easily I rose to meet it.  And I was so surprised by just how satisfying it was.  


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