We Don't Always Need More

Humans are inherently social creatures.

No matter what the self-help books say, we seek out validation from others.  We use other people to comfort us.  We need physical contact in order to live.

But when is what we have good enough?  When should the eternal search be over?  When should we stop longing for more– needing more to appease our social hunger?

There has to be a point when we take a step back and realize that what we already have is plenty to fill our needs.  That a promise of future commitment will not make the present relationship any better.  That the friends you have now are worth more than anyone else you could seek out.  That your family, as crazy and wacky as they may be, still yields fulfilling interactions.

Nowadays we live in a culture of seeking out more.  With online dating, there's a sense that you could  easily upgrade what you already have.  There's a competitiveness in childhood to be a part of the "cool" group.  Everyone feels that they're entitled to royal treatment from the people around them.

Yes, everyone is entitled to being treated with love and respect, be it from friends, partners, or family.  But there has to be a point where it all stops.  Where we stop searching for something better and realize that what we have now is all we need.

There has to be a moment to be satisfied with life in the present.  To stop the search process and stop pushing for more and more relentlessly.

And if the people around you are truly so wonderful and yet you still feel unsettled?  Then it's up to you to search within yourself for your inner comfort and strength.

Humans might be inherently social beings, but you create your own narrative– no one else.


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